Camelthorn Lodge


On the edge of the Ngamo Plain, and strategically placed to explore the remote and pristine southeastern portion of the park, Camelthorn provides a spectacular wilderness experience. Here, you’ll also experience our innovative rhino conservation program—an impressive and wonderful wildlife opportunity. Less than a kilometer away from the lodge we have built an underground blind in front of a waterhole in the park. Camouflaged as a termite heap and buried under an ancient Mitswiri tree—the photographic opportunities are dramatic. Elephants can be photographed from toe level silhouetted against the sky—such proximity to Hwange’s huge bulls is breathtaking.

Of course you can spend days on game drives and walking safaris and see something new every day but in addition, we offer community activities. The lodge was built by the community on community land and is one of the largest community based tourism projects in Zimbabwe. You’ll enjoy unchoreographed and relaxed village and school visits to meet the people and communities who benefit from Imvelo’s tourism-driven philanthropy. (School visits not available during school holidays in April, August, and December/January).

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