7 reasons Zimbabwe should be on your bucket list

Epic Elephant Sightings!

“While elephants are under threat globally and historically have been poached in Zimbabwe, some recent conservation efforts have resulted in the country now boasting Africa’s second-largest population of these great beasts, second only to Botswana. In Hwange, thanks to a network of watering holes, elephants are thriving, and their vast numbers provide guests with ample viewing opportunities.

Visitors to the wide-open Ngamo Plains can expect to happen upon the animals going about their daily routine. Guests at Nehimba Lodge, in the northern sector of the park, can climb into an underground blind for a special, up-close perspective of families visiting a favorite watering hole. The dry season may find the elephants digging for water at the Nehimba Seeps.”


All text and photos by Stacey McKenna

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