The activities below are just some of the activities that are available in Victoria Falls town itself.


Tour of the rain forest

The world’s largest curtain of falling water, the Falls, is quite simply breathtaking: stroll along the rainforest’s edge and pause at each vantage point to make it a truly unforgettable experience – just don’t forget your rain jacket and umbrella. This can be enjoyed quietly on your own or, at request, with our guide.


Nature Sanctuary and Crocodile Farm

This is a relaxed and easy activity within the landscaped gardens at the Crocodile Farm. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn all about these fascinating modern day dinosaurs where you can even handle some hatchlings. A percentage of young crocs raised in Zimbabwe’s croc farms are regularly returned to the Zambezi to boost wild populations.


Elephant back ride and / or Interaction

Elephants are one of Zimbabwe’s most iconic and interesting species. For example, did you know that a fully-grown adult weighs up to 15,000 pounds? Or, that they can live up to 70 years of age? Learn more about these fascinating creatures on an elephant back safari. You’ll spend some time on board a friendly pachyderm and hear amazing facts about their habits, behaviour and biology.


White Water Rafting

This is one for the adventure seeker and not the faint hearted! A rafting trip down the Zambezi River will take you through some leisurely class one rapids, along with some rampaging class 5’s. You need to be able to paddle furiously, hold on tight and enjoy the water as it’s not uncommon for the boat to flip and fling you into the Zambezi. But don’t worry – the operators use some of the best life jackets on earth and safety records are excellent. You can choose between a half or full day package, and can either take charge of your own fate and row yourself, or choose to cling on and enjoy the ride as a passenger. Remember to conserve some energy for the 100+ meter gorge climb at the other end, it’s pretty exhausting. This activity is advised for only the relatively fit.


High Wire activities

Jump off (with dual safety harnesses) the 110-meter high bridge that links Zimbabwe with Zambia on a Bungee Jump. This activity is restricted to those in good health, over 14 years and who weigh less than 140 kilograms. The Gorge Swing is a similarly, if not more, thrilling experience. Plummet into a 70 meter free fall before being cradled by a hundred meter pendulum swing. The other two High Wire activities are sedate in comparison. Accelerate through the gorge at speeds of close to 100km/h on the Zip Wire or take a ‘leisurely meander’ across the gorge, on The Flying Fox: a wire stretched 125m above the valley floor.


Flight of Angels – Fixed Wing

View Victoria Falls as the birds do! A small aircraft will give you the ultimate view of one of Seven Wonders of the World. Choose between a 25-minute flight, or a longer 40-minute ride that involves some game viewing in the National Park and along the Zambezi River. Due to its popularity, this activity should be booked well in advance


Flight of Angels – Helicopter

There is a choice between a 13-minute ride over the Falls, or a longer 30-minute one that includes a bit of game viewing over Zambezi National Park.



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